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University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau

The University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau, Manipur University Canchipur was opened on 15th September 1989. One Chief, (Senior Faculty of M.U.) is the Head of this Bureau and he is assisted by one Deputy Chief, one R.A.; one U.D.C.; two L.D.Cs.; and two Grade – IV; of the Directorate of Employment. The main function of the Bureau is to disseminate the Employment Information for various courses or studies; syllabus etc. for higher studies in India and abroad to the University alumni; to register graduates, postgraduates and professional graduates. Further it is also to render vocational guidance to the students individually or in group and to collect and disseminate the occupational information, Training facilities, Financial assistance available in India and abroad; information for competitive examination including coaching for job-aspirants etc. However due to non-availability of the funds some of the above objectives are yet to achieve. It is now proposed to perform some functions with the help of some agencies for the betterment of the alumni. Above all, reports and returns of job-seekers are submitted to the Director General of Employment Exchange and Training, New Delhi on monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually on regular basis.

The Aims and Objectives of the Bureau are the following:
  • To register persons holding bachelors or higher degree or equivalent diploma in a profession or specialized course national register (G.1) should be completed and sent to the C.S.I.R. in respect of scientists and Technical Section of the national Register maintained by the C.S.I.R.

  • To register persons holding a Master’s or Higher degree of post Graduate diploma or equivalent.

  • To make the Unemployment Youth acquaint with the facilities and incentives available with various Department under self-employment promotion programme.

  • To assist applicants in securing admission to various courses of studies offered by the University in India and abroad.

  • To give information and guidance to the University alumni.

  • To give information on various courses of studies syllabus etc. for higher studies in India and abroad.

  • To assist in individual problems pertaining to education and Vocation under Vocational Guidance programme.

  • To collect and disseminate occupational Information regarding occupations, Scholarship, fellowships and financial assistance available in India and abroad.

  • To assist students in securing part-time employment.

  • To render Vocational Guidance to students individual and in group by maintaining career Information Room (Library) in the Bureau.

  • To give information on competitive examinations conducted by the various public service commission and authorities.

  • To arrange coaching classes for various competitive examination such as Civil services examination, Banking service competitive examination etc.